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Academic Services

Welcome to Academic Services!

The Academic Services department provides leadership, service, and support for Clay County District Schools. They work collaboratively to guide the system’s curriculum, instructional design, assessment practices, and strategic planning to ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning across all grades and courses. 

Mr. Roger Dailey, Chief Academic Officer

The Chief Academic Officer is responsible for the direction in the curriculum, including the coordination of all instructional programs, basic education K-12, vocational education, and adult/community education.

Phone: (904) 336-6904   Email: roger.dailey@myoneclay.net

Academic Services News

student code of conduct

The mission of the Clay County School District is to inspire all learners to reach their highest potential as responsible, productive citizens. To accomplish this, the school district has developed the Code of Student Conduct to help students, parents, and school personnel understand the guidelines for maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment. The Clay County School Board expects students to conduct themselves with the greatest respect for self and others. 

special pupil request

2024-25 Special Pupil Requests

Parents may ask for “Special Pupil Requests” (SPR) beginning April 1, 2024 through July 19, 2024. A Principal’s primary consideration in approving SPR’s will be the ability to maintain class size caps throughout grade levels. With an approved SPR, parents must provide transportation for the student.

Specific “HARDSHIP” allowances for SPR consideration to a non-assigned school zone are:

● Employees: Employees’ children may attend any school requested as long as satisfactory grades, attendance, and discipline are maintained;

● Day Care: (PK-6 only) Parents who desire an SPR because of before/after school care may request an SPR provided the day care provider is located within the attendance area of the requested school. Parents will need to complete day care provider form (STD-1-2479);

● Medical Condition: Must attach physician statement;

● Academic Programs: (For grades 7-12 only) Verification by principal of acceptance into academic program required. Check CTE website for Academy enrollment requirements.

● Seniors: Students about to enter their senior year at a high school;

● Family Empowerment Scholarship (formerly McKay): will be considered for a SPR at any time. Space availability is limited to programs capable of providing those services required by the student’s IEP;

● Siblings: To keep siblings together at a school site if attending during the same school year. Students who currently have an approved SPR will not need to reapply to continue attending that same school for the following year. However, upon transitioning to the next level school, students will need to follow the COE or SPR policies;

IMPORTANT: SPR’s may be denied/rescinded by the school principal if:

● Incorrect or false information was provided in the SPR application;

● Issues related to attendance, tardiness, or discipline/behavior;

● Academic standards are not maintained by the student.

Click to here to open Special Pupil Request Form

adopted curriculum

The Clay County School District parents and guardians can click here to find a list of currently adopted instructional materials(i.e. textbooks).

The CCDS OneClay Portal provides students and teachers with a complete list of digital applications adopted by the district.

The Public Portal can be accessed here: portal.classlink.com/oneclay

To learn about the process to request a physical or digital material be reconsidered please visit this link.

request for review

To learn about the process to request a physical or digital material be reconsidered please visit this link. 

destiny library manager

Follett Destiny® Library Manager is a complete library management system that can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7, helping to strengthen the crucial bond between the library, the classroom, and home.